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Love One Another: Self Care with Sleep Hypnosis

Ever since I was a little girl, sleep has been elusive. I envy friends who yawn at nine o'clock in the evening to declare that it's past their bedtime. I'm one of those people who perennially have a lot of trouble nodding off, but once asleep, can sleep until noon. If there's something I want to do early in the morning, like go to yoga, there's little chance that I would be able to rise to the occasion. I've read some articles citing evidence that some people are just night owls and others, early birds. I've considered giving into my natural inclination to be energized in the evenings and a zombie in the mornings. But the thing is...I really want to be a morning person....

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Hello, February. Love One Another.

So I've got this bad habit of starting to write blog posts then quickly abandoning them. I write something, delete, write something, delete, repeat. But I really want to have a blog as a way to share a bit more about my creative process and my life, so I'm setting little challenge for myself. Every day this month, I'll be blogging on a theme that I'll call Love One Another. I want to meditate on this simple intention of giving love without expectations. It starts with my partner, pets, close friends, and family. And beyond that, I also want to extend love to people I don't know—to people who don't look and think like me—to strangers. Given everything that's been happening lately, I feel like I...

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