Love One Another: The Generosity of Teachers

Several of my friends recently went back to school, got their Master's in Education, and became teachers. I feel extremely humbled to hear about five AM wake-up calls, Sundays spent grading papers, and answering homework questions over the phone after dinner. The work that they do takes physical, mental and emotional stamina.

As a student, I didn't fully appreciate everything my teachers gave me. I went to a boarding high school where most teachers lived on campus. After dinner, I would often pop over to my Pre-Calc teacher's house to get help on quadratics. My Spanish teacher and advisor hosted me in her home on numerous occasions when the dorms closed for break. I took all of this for granted, and assumed it was a given that these teachers were there to help, 24/7. But I know now that they went above and beyond their job descriptions.

Meditating on topics for my Love One Another series, I kept thinking about how much my teachers impacted me. This year, I would like to track down their addresses, and send out handwritten cards telling them how much I appreciate them.

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