Love One Another: Self Care with Sleep Hypnosis

Ever since I was a little girl, sleep has been elusive. I envy friends who yawn at nine o'clock in the evening to declare that it's past their bedtime. I'm one of those people who perennially have a lot of trouble nodding off, but once asleep, can sleep until noon. If there's something I want to do early in the morning, like go to yoga, there's little chance that I would be able to rise to the occasion.

I've read some articles citing evidence that some people are just night owls and others, early birds. I've considered giving into my natural inclination to be energized in the evenings and a zombie in the mornings. But the thing is...I really want to be a morning person.

In early December, I went to a Chinese herbalist on a whim to see if there were any traditional herbal remedies available to help me sleep. My chi was found to be weak, and I was prescribed two weeks of a bitter tasting drink (lovingly referred to as "dirt tea" in my household). While the drink may have helped with my chi (or spleen), it didn't have any lasting sleep-inducing effects.

Determined and somewhat desperate to find an alternative solution, I decided to try something that I've always been curious about but never thought was a viable solution: hypnosis. Having been stage-hypnotized once when I was in high school for entertainment, I knew that I was "suggestible" (a.k.a. hypnotizable). I went for my first session a few days ago and really enjoyed the session. I took home a recording of the hypnosis to listen to before bed, and so far it's three for three nights of falling asleep shortly after listening to the session.

Will the effects of hypnosis be long-lasting? I sure hope so. I'll certainly report back.

I wrote about sleep today because I think it's an important part of self care. Since this month's theme is Love One Another, it only seems appropriate to begin with the person that one needs to love in order to love anyone else: oneself.

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