Love One Another: Making Space

At the beginning of this year I went on a decluttering spree à la Marie Kondo. Before being introduced to the KonMari method, I've always been the sort of person who kept a lot of stuff around. A vast number of dresses and blouses tended to be smushed together in my closet, wanting air. Boots and sneakers would often be found lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. Stashed away containers of binder clips and staples would make drawers stick upon opening.

I've previously mentioned that I share a 600 square foot studio with another human and three pets. There aren't any extra closets where I can stash things, and hoarded objects don't hide well here. So, following Ms. Kondo's advice, I went through my belongings—starting with clothing—and only kept those items which brought me joy. As it turned out, very little of my closet actually brought me joy. And now that I've bid a proper farewell to many items, my closet looks practically empty and I feel quite a bit lighter.

Living and working in such close quarters with my loved one and my furbabies certainly has the potential to be overwhelming. That's why it's my priority to create a harmonious home environment. Getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose helps me feel more at peace. It feels like there's more room for everyone to be themselves. I really like what The Minimalists have to say: "Love people, use things."

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