Hello, February. Love One Another.

So I've got this bad habit of starting to write blog posts then quickly abandoning them. I write something, delete, write something, delete, repeat. But I really want to have a blog as a way to share a bit more about my creative process and my life, so I'm setting little challenge for myself.

Every day this month, I'll be blogging on a theme that I'll call Love One Another. I want to meditate on this simple intention of giving love without expectations. It starts with my partner, pets, close friends, and family. And beyond that, I also want to extend love to people I don't know—to people who don't look and think like me—to strangers. Given everything that's been happening lately, I feel like I can use a little more love in my life. And of course, the best way to feel love is to give it generously and wholeheartedly.

The featured image of tonight's post is of two adorable new additions to my home/studio: Herbie and Pepper. They're not new, per se, but they've been away for awhile and I'm so glad to have them back in my life. So now there are no less than two adult humans, two fully grown cats, and one small-to-medium sized dog living in about six hundred square feet of space. And actually, it's been amazing. In this photo, Herbie and Pepper are cuddling like a pair of furry angels, but they probably have at least five catfights a day. That's brotherly love.

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